2014 Engel 30 Ton 1.2 Oz with CC200 Control - e-victory 200/30 LIM US

2014 Engel 30 Ton 1.2 Oz with CC200 Control - e-victory 200/30 LIM US

Engel e-victory 200/30 LIM US

Age: 2014

Stock Number: 4004

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Clamp Force:30 US Tons
Shot Size: 1.2 Oz/18 mm
Platen Size:19.69" x 17.72""
Tie Bar Spacing: NA
Max Daylight: 21.65"
Min Mold Ht: 5.91"
Clamp Stroke: 15.74"
Ejector Stroke: 3.94"
Voltage: 480/3/60
Dimensions: Confirm
Weight: 8,800 lbs

Equipped With:
CC200 Control Package
Servodrive on the Injection Unit
LSR Package consisting of:
- Bi-metallic (M3), water cooled barrel, L/D=16
- Nitrided (S1) screw including spring loaded check disk
- LSR pressure transducer with on screen reading mounted at feedthroat
- Preparation for LSR material filter pack (housing only)
- LSR material shut off valve 1/2" -Injection pressure limited in manual mode
- Switch fo screw retraction without dosing
- Program flushing with LSR-material (for integrated systems only) -program for delayed cooling water switch off
- Vacuum system interface including receptacle at line voltage (16 Amps / phase)
- Pumping unit interface external system, dosing and alarm signal,
each on a 4-pin outlet: S4
execution without regulated traverse cooling
Core Pull
4 Pneumatic Valve Gate Control
Coining Program
8 Zone Mold Heat Control
Transformer for Mold Heat
Mold Heats 4 on Stationary + 4 On the Moving
Ecograph Program
Access Rights with Key Card
Interface for Engel Robot
SPI Safety Key Switch
PD- Graphics II
Receptacle 115/1/15
Receptacle 480/3/30
Perparation for Pneumatic Shut-off Nozzle
Fluid Automation Water Cooled Pneumatic Shut-Off
Vacuum Valve and Valve
Vacuum pump
Flow Control Valve for Cold Runner System
Pressure Transducer for Vacuum Monitoring
Water Flow Manifold - 16 Circuits
Air Blow Stationary Platen
Air Blow Moving Platen

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2014 Engel 30 Ton 1.2 Oz with CC200 Control - e-victory 200/30 LIM US
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