2012 Engel Elast 165 Ton 280 CCM Tiebarless with CC 200 + Sepro Robot  - Elast 280/165 VC US

2012 Engel Elast 165 Ton 280 CCM Tiebarless with CC 200 + Sepro Robot - Elast 280/165 VC US

Engel elast 280/165 VC US

Age: 2012

Stock Number: 4008

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Clamp Force: 165
Injection Volume280 CCM
Injection Plunger Diameter:48 mm
Screw Diameter:20 mm
Recovery Rate:250 CCM/Min
Maximun Inj Capacity:85 CCM/Sec
Maximun Screw Speed:200 RPM
Optimal Strip Dimensions:25 x 5 mm
Screw Length:10 L/D
Platen Size: 33.5" x 29.5"/850 x 750 mm
Mold Heat Zones6
Min Mold Height:19"/500 mm
Clamp Stroke: 27.56"/700 mm
Max Daylight:43"/1100 mm
Ejector Stroke: Confirm
Voltage: 460
Dimensions (L x W x H): 5435 x 1776 x 2410 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H): 214 x 70 x 95"
Weight: 24,700 lbs/11,200 KG

Equipped With:
CC200 A02 Control package including:
- "Windows" style display with 15" TFT-color.Touch Screen
- Data storage via USB interface
- Ethernet network interface
- Freely programmable cycle sequence supported
by graphical symbols
- Screen pages configurable
- e-help
- week timer for temperature control units
- strip feed monitoring via plunger retraction
- program for coining, venting and vacuum
- Notepad
- Alarm Messaging via Email
- Micrograph
- Microplast
- PD-log
Screen text
1. language for screen text english: EN
2. language for screen text spanish: ES
Injection unit:
FIFO-injection unit with 280 cc injection
volumne at maximum 2000 bar injection pressure
Horizontal injection unit with fixed nozzle equipped as standard with:
- temperature display for injection nozzle
- preparation for connection of 2 temperature
units for temperature regulation of the injection unit
- injection nozzle temperature individually controlled
- intake block cooling with flow controller
- strip guiding rollers
- decompression prior and/or after plasticizing
- freely selectable profiles for plasticizing, back, injection and holding pressure
Automatic strip feeder with electrically driven roller and a counter roller
Nozzle orifice 9 mm
Increased Inj Pressure, Max 2300 bar/33,400 psi
Increased Daylight by 200 mm/8"
(1) Pneumatic Valve Gate Contol
(1) Hydraulic Valve Gate Contol
(1) 10 liter accumulator incl. pressure transducer and charging software for additional hydraulic capacity used for hydraulic valve gate control
Servo-Hydraulic Smart Pump (HV1)
Temp Controller Units Receptacle 480V/20a
RS485 Interface
Vacuum Device Receptacle 480V/20a
(1)Outlet 110/1/60, 20A Duplex
(1)Outlet 460/3/60, 20A
(3)Outlet 460/3/60, 60A
Access rights Via Keycard
Interface for robot/automation (Euromap 67/AN-145)
Venting Program
Program Virt Mold
Vacuum Device (25 m3/h capacity)
Vacuum Monitoring including program & Vacuum Switch
Water Manifold (4 Zones)
Pressure Transducer for Vacuum Monitoring
Sepro Robot model 3032 BZ S900-II

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2012 Engel Elast 165 Ton 280 CCM Tiebarless with CC 200 + Sepro Robot  - Elast 280/165 VC US
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